PayPal Business in A Box

PayPal today launched a new service, called Business in Box, aimed at bringing more U.S. small business owners to its payments platform. The service, which has developed in partnership with WooCommerce, offers merchants a suite of tools for running their online businesses, including an online WooCommerce site using PayPal payment modules plus  accounting tools. Of course there are others ways to achieve the same outcome than out-of-the-box solutions like this.
Of course, as part of this offering, PayPal is hoping to get people to borrow money from them under their Working Capital scheme.  Are they really on the side of small business or setting up as loan sharks?  Who knows.  All we know is the idea of setting up a business being as easy as this is preying on the dreams of many people who cannot afford to fail.
The reality is that any startup has to have a business plan that goes beyond this trivialized idea of “just add water and stir” website.