Phoenix Cart Developers

Originally the Community Edition of osCommerce 2.3, Phoenix Cart has matured into its own space as a newcomer in open source eCommerce.

Why not consider  re-platforming your older osCommerce site to Phoenix Cart?

What can we do?

We specialize in re-platforming older osCommerce sites to the latest version of Phoenix Cart.

This includes complex data import and conversion as well as design.

As part of our work, we can adapt any existing osCommerce Add On to be compatible with Phoenix Cart.

We can also develop new Add Ons, where needed.

Why choose us?

Phoenix Cart Official Partner

ozEworks has over 2 years experience converting osCommerce sites to Phoenix Cart and are happy to advise if this is the best path for you.

Phoenix Cart Customization

Our team are experienced LAMP developers who can do more than install Add Ons or move pixels around. We can write custom code that will work with the Phoenix Cart Add On system.

Phoenix Cart Upgrades

  • We can upgrade your current site to work with newer version of PHP and mySQL.
  • We can upgrade your current site to work with newer versions of Phoenix Cart.

If you are not sure which path to take, we can help you work out what is most cost-effective for you.

Sample Client

A Touch of Dutch

What we did

We were actually customer of A Touch of Dutch before they became our customer!  One day when shopping on their site, we saw their notice saying PayPal was not working so when we placed our order we offered to fix it.

They were running an older osCommerce Rc2a site that been poorly patched over the years causing numerous issues with their admin and this very public issue on their site.

We re-platformed the site to Phoenix Cart converting their SEO data so it worked within the Phoenix framework.  We also added:

  • the Elvaon payment module (converted from osCommerce)
  • a Shipstation interface (converted from osCommerce)
  • custom modifications to shipping modules to correctly handle their international deliveries
  • installation of a PCI compliant manual card payment for International orders.

We now provide ongoing support and upgrades.

Do you want to get more information about our Phoenix Cart services? Contact Us