Triple Play: How LN Distribution, Northern Hot Tubs and Len Carter Partnered with ozEworks to Package a Trio of Successful e-commerce Sites for Sporting Goods, Hot Tubs and Leisure Time Fun

A look inside a simple technical concept leading to a simple online user experience: package development = package delivery.

By: Len Carter

Ping Pong Tables and Hot Tubs … To Go Please

After introducing Li-Ning products to customers in the United States and Canada in late 2011, I added ping pong tables to my growing Li-Ning Distribution company that began by offering athletes excellence in badminton. The idea was to duplicate the successful online sales of rackets, shoes and apparel to a slightly different customer. If there was an easy way to box up ping pong tables so people could enjoy the sport in their homes, there had to be a simple solution for framing up an eCommerce website to make it easy to order.

Technically speaking, I had two things to consider: getting a regulation size ping pong table in front of customers and then getting it inside their homes.

The first part was easy. I knew my Li-Ning ping pong tables met the technical specifications as outlined by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). I won’t bore you with all the rules and regulations of the ITTF, and since you and I are more interested in just playing ping pong for fun than preparing for the Olympics, let’s just focus on the only standard that matters: table size. The standard size of a ping-pong table is: 5 feet by 9 feet by x 2.5 feet. If you are shopping for ping pong tables in inches, that translates to 60 inches by 108 inches x 30 inches. And if you are measuring your ping pong table in centimeters it’s 152 cm x 274 cm x 76 cm. No matter how you measure it, just make sure you have enough of a playing area around the table before you add one to your shopping cart. I personally recommend ensuring there’s a minimum of 4-5 feet of space on all 4 sides to fully enjoy a game of ping pong at home.

The second part was a bit more challenging than a backhand drive: building an eCommerce website for my ping pong tables that provided a great user experience and was simple for anyone to use. Like super simple. It had to be easier than a beginning ping pong player hitting a loop, flip, smash or slice.

I had already connected with ozEworks for a badminton website that users were raving about, so I figured why not build one around the growing at-home sport of ping pong? I can’t help but conclude that I basically scoured the world like an English explorer from the early 20th century who invented the game, just to stumble upon a world-class, best in class website discovery. Here’s what I tell people:

“After literally searching the globe for a world-class e-commerce solution, I discovered ozEworks – a company founded by an Australian, that is based in the United States to entrust my Canadian-based business with and sell quality leisure products, many of which are made in China. So, I can honestly say that for me, ozEworks is the best in the world,” said Len Carter, President.

ozEworks specializes in developing and supporting eCommerce websites using Open Source solutions and I specialize in developing unforgettable leisure time experiences and packaging them up for direct shipment to your house!

Northern Hot Tubs Packaged for Easy Shop, Easy Ship

With badminton and ping pong eCommerce solutions up and running for LN Distribution, I once again reached out to ozEworks for a third simple solution for leisure time fun … hot tubs ! My Northern Hot Tubs brand contacted them to build a site that would get 2 person hot tubs, 4 person hot tubs, 6 person hot tubs and 8 person hot tubs in front of people who were looking for an easy way to invest in their health and home.

Since the Li-Ning product transition from badminton to ping pong tables was a smooth experience, building the Northern Hot Tub eCommerce site was a no brainer. ozEworks is a trusted partner and the relationship has been a win-win. Why? No matter what I wanted to package for customers seeking leisure time products, they had the right technical package for me.

Whether it was providing athletes with a cool looking badminton racket, shipping a ping pong table that will make you cool or a boosting your backyard fun with a hot tub full of cool features, I chose not to paddle around in uncharted waters. I chose ozEworks for my eCommerce needs and I’m glad I did.