USPS Does It Again

USPS has gained trademark registration for several of its services which changes the names of those shipping services in various osCommerce USPS Shipping modules.

According to diligent legacy osCommerce users on the osCommerce forum, the services in question are domestic Priority Mail only, specifically these services are Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail.  It does not impact any International services.

In addition to patching the code, the module will need to be uninstalled then reinstalled to update the database (or its entries in the database configuration table need to be manually updated).  Please note that uninstalling then reinstalling your module may require it to be reconfigured.  Make sure you take note of any settings before you do that.  A screenshot is the best option.

You will either be changing TM to RM or tradmrk to regimark in /includes/modules/shipping/usps.php.

Although a seeming easy fix, you do need to take backups of the code before you make any changes and test the outcome after you do to ensure it is working.

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