osCommerce US Shipping

If you are using FedEx, UPS or USPS this is the year of change.  All three carriers are moving to a new API which means you will need to upgrade your osCommerce module.


Notice coming soon


Notice coming soon


Changes to API Authentication:

UPS has deprecated access key authentication in favor of an OAuth 2.0 security model for all APIs. Beginning June 3, 2024, access keys will no longer be supported for authentication to any UPS APIs. After this date, all integrations must utilize the OAuth 2.0 authentication model to continue to transact with UPS APIs. Please ensure your integration has migrated to OAuth 2.0 as soon as possible to prevent future service disruptions and view the OAuth migration guide for more details on the impacts to your API integration with UPS.

If you are running osCommerce 2.2, Rc2a or 2.3 then we have modules available to you.

If you are using Phoenix Cart then there are also modules available for it.

Please contact us to discuss your options.