osCommerce Removes Legacy Add Ons

UPDATE October 4, 2022

It seems the legacy Add Ons are now available here.

UPDATE  August 5, 2022

osCommerce Ltd have advised they will reinstate the App Library.

Assured that it would be business as usual when the Holbi Group purchased osCommerce in early 2021, users of osCommerce breathed a sigh of relief believing new ownership meant an end to the unilateral management decisions or lack thereof.  The much valued Phoenix Community Edition left the site to prepare the way for osCommerce V4 which had a targeted for release in the summer of 2021.  It was no surprise to the community that this date, like so many in the past, kept changing; it is the nature of the beast.  But it is now summer 2022 and presumably the wait is almost over.

In the last few days, there have been preparations on osCommerce.com to reformat the site to better support V4.  Surprisingly as part of those changes, the Add Ons for still operational versions: MS 2.2, Rc2a and 2.3, have been removed from the site.   We are all hoping this is a temporary measure given the absolute need to be able to access updated payment and shipping modules, not to mention the huge number of other features that could well be ported to Phoenix and/or V4 by interested developers.

Let’s hope the Add Ons return!