USPS Rate Changes

According to the USPS API change notice, in addition to actual rate changes there were some other changes made to the First-Class Package International ServiceTM, which appeared to impact some sites. Jump to Solution, if you don’t want to understand why.

The documented change related to ROLLS and the introduction of a new ROLL parameter: Container>ROLL</Container>. To make use of this option, the API needs to be updated.

Most sites do not use ROLLS but still noticed First-Class Package International was no longer being quoted. The clue lies in the default dimensions for non-rolls. To quote USPS,

Packages (small packets) other than rolls must be within the following dimensions:

  1. Minimum length: 6 inches.
  2. Minimum height: 4 inches.
  3. Maximum length: 24 inches. Length is the longest dimension.
  4. Maximum length, height, and depth (thickness) combined: 36 inches.

Some versions of the osCommerce USPS Rate V4 hard code these dimensions so they need to be changed.


Edit your usps.php module file and locate the code for International Shipping and set as follows

‘<Width>4</Width>’ .
‘<Length>6</Length>’ .
‘<Height>4</Height>’ .
‘<Girth>0</Girth>’ .

Test the returned rates to make sure they are what you expect.