Simple Site Security

There are a lot of tools out there to secure a website whether it be written in osCommerce, WordPress or Magento.  Some are free and some are paid. Some are simple and many are getting very complex.
The most simple thing you can do is monitor changes to your site files. To do that you do not need any tools other than a simple cron job which will check for file changes and notify you via email. So for micro business owners this is often the way to go. Use it alone or in conjunction with other tools.  Simply decide how often to run it, for example every half hour and off you go.
The command is:
find /home/account/public_html -type f -cmin -30 -exec ls -ls {} \; | mail -E -s “File Changes in Last 30 Minutes”
where /home/account/public_html is your hosting document root and is your email address.
One thing it won’t do it monitor if someone changes actual content in your database but it is rare such an event occurs without other file changes being made.