AIM and SIM End of Life AIM and SIM modules have reached end of life. You can keep using them for as long as they actually work or upgrade to a newer version when one if published for your specific eCommerce solution. ozEworks will not be accepting Express Support tickets for any Authorize,net AIM or SIM related issues.

Dear Authorize.Net Partner:

In the coming months, we are making changes to Authorize.Net’s functionality. Please read this email in its entirety and make sure you and your merchants are aware of the changes, as they may require updates to your systems.


AIM/SIM APIs and Simple Checkout Officially Deprecated

Our legacy Advanced Integration Method (AIM) and Server Integration Method (SIM) APIs, as well as our Simple Checkout option, are officially deprecated, meaning we will no longer provide any updates to these APIs. If you or your merchants’ websites or payment solutions use one of these methods, this means the following:

  • They can continue to process transactions via the APIs and Simple Checkout
  • Use of the APIs and Simple Checkout is “as is,” meaning they will not receive any new updates, including new features, payment network mandate updates, etc.
  • Because these methods will no longer be updated, your merchants could face penalties and fees associated with transactions that do not meet mandate/compliance requirements
  • Transaction processing functionality could deteriorate over time

If you or your merchants are using the AIM/SIM APIs or Simple Checkout, please upgrade to use the current Authorize.Net API. This will allow them to stay up to date on new releases, network mandates, and more.

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osCommerce has announced to Partners that a new module is due for completion by April, 2020.