USPS 28 July Update

On July 28, USPS will making several changes to their services which will effect their API. Most notably there is a change of name for the Express Mail service for domestic and international mail that will need to be reflected in the current module.  If you use USPS you will need to upgrade.
The Express Mail service will now be called Priority Mail Express ™  and this will effect existing services such as Express Mail, Express Mail Flat Envelope, Express Mail International.
These names will need to be changed in your USPS module and the module uninstalled then reinstalled and reconfigured. Before you uninstall you need to make note of your USPS userid and various settings.
At this stage there is no update issued for the module on the osCommerce Add Ons site.  Regardless we recommend that sites with older versions of the module patch their module rather than upgrade at this time.
Existing customers who need their USPS module patched need to log a support ticket.   Other osCommerce site owners are welcome to contact us or monitor the osCommerce sites for news.