Think Facebook is a waste of effort? Think again …

Some customers will pore over their analytics looking for evidence that social media is bringing sales.  Now Google Analytics is feeding that fetish with its social media statistics.   All the time they are trying to answer the question is social media bringing sales?  Is it worth the investment? The only thing you can know for sure – not doing it will definitely not bring sales.
How does anyone get sales?  You have to advertise to get customers.  They in turn can recommend you to friends who might also become customers.  Let me recommend my guy: my lawyer, my dry cleaner, my dentist, my favorite sushi place, a great place to get shoes, a reliable place to buy supplements online.  You know it. You do it.  And so do your customers.
How do you become “their” guy?  Once the purchase is made it is up to social media interaction.  They can ask question. You can respond. They can make comments and you can respond. Your response creates a personal interaction that cannot be discounted in its importance. Positive personal interactions form the basis of a relationship that can engender loyalty – brand loyalty.  Recent studies of large brands like Heinz show that 90% of customers will recommend you after social media interaction.  You become “their guy”.

Our research shows that to create an emotional connection brands really need to  provide clear, timely and, most important of all, relevant content that develop  a conversation. Interestingly, we also found that brands really shouldn’t be  afraid about having their products on show and of linking up their social media  activities to their business objectives. Social media has the potential to turn  brand customers into brand fans.

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So if you are wondering if you should keep doing social media then the answer is yes.  You just might want to think more about how you are doing it.  Need some help with that?  Contact us for a social media review.