osCommerce and Google Trusted Stores

To qualify as a Trusted Store you need to be processing at least 500 orders a month.
To proceed, you need to:

  1. Install Google Analytics
  2. Join the Google Merchant Center and upload a feed
  3. Join the Google Trusted Stores program
  4. Install the Trusted Stores Badge
  5. Install the Trusted Stores Tracking
  6. Update your osCommerce Order Statuses to add four new cancelled order statuses
  7. Stop deleting orders that are cancelled and start using the new status instead
  8. Amend any function such as Reports to utilize the cancelled order statuses so they don’t report on cancelled orders unless you want them to
  9. Create a Cancelled order feed
  10. Create a Shipped order feed.

If you already have Google Analytics tracking installed, including the ecommerce tracking, then installing Trusted Stores code is similar. It goes in similar places in the code and reports to Google on the order.  One important thing to remember is that Trusted Stores tracking is going to tell Google when you plan to ship.  In 2 days, 3 days, 5 days etc.  What you put here is important because if you say 3 days and ship an order 5 days then it is late.
Cancelled Orders
Orders can no longer be deleted. They have to be cancelled. Why? Because Google knows every order placed on the site and wants to know what happens to it. Apart from knowing if order shipped on time, they want to know why it was an order was cancelled. So it is not one cancelled order status, it is four:  Buyer Cancelled, Merchant Cancelled, Duplicate or Fraud.  In terms of “trust”, the least innocuous of those are Duplicate, the worst is Buyer Cancelled.
If you already have a cancelled order status, update it to Merchant Cancelled. then add the three other values.  Make sure they exactly match the spelling provided by Google.
New Feeds
You need a Cancelled order feed.  It needs to include the order id and order status. If you have very few then you could create it manually.  If not then you need a new program that will generate the feed based on your order status. we generally set up a cron job that will extract “yesterday’s” cancelled orders and create the feed.
You need a Shipped order feed. It needs to include the order id, carrier and tracking number.  If you process orders via some sort of fulfillment software then you might be able to produce your shipped feed from that and load it to your site feed folder. If not then you will need to start recording the tracking number. Usually creating an order status update and putting the tracking number in the comment will do provided you are consistent in how you do it.  If not you might need a tracking number field added to the order. You will then need a program that will create the feed. It would look for all “shipped” order statuses for yesterday and add the details to the feed. Again it would run via a cron.
What if I don’t have 500 orders a month?  You can join the program and add the code but chances are they won’t give you the badge.
What is the badge?  It is a trusted stores seal that displays on the site.
Why a Merchant Center feed?  Because Trusted Stores influence where you come in their Shopping results and you may as well be in their shopping results.
Why Google Analytics? Because you need it to help track where your orders are coming from. Just plan good business practice.
What if I ship the order in multiple shipments.  We recommend that you just track the first shipment.