Official osCommerce Partner

ozEworks has become an official partner with osCommerce.
After 10 years we still believe that osCommerce is the best solution for sites wanting to build a unique ecommerce solution.  While we work with other solutions such Magento CE, various WordPress ecommerce Plugins, PrestaShop and various osCommerce forks, we still believe that osCommerce is the most suitable solution for building a unique ecommerce site.
osCommerce offers a core ecommerce engine with vanilla design that is meant to be augmented to meet your overall business needs.  Unlike its competition, it does not try to be all things to all users offering a myriad of functions and tools you may or may not need.  It offers a distinct and remarkably stable core to which you can add your own design and additional functionality via Add Ons and custom code. This is the key to its success.
And once you have your osCommerce site there is no forced upgrade path.  As long as you keep the underlying application architecture (php and MySQL) up to date then your site can run forever.  So even if you still use MS2.2 you can keep using it and all you have to do it is patch it to work with php and MySQL upgrades.
With osCommerce you can safely invest in its customization knowing that you will not have to throw it all away and redo it later down the track.