A few words about best work

What we practically do is pretty simple but in the same time incredibly complex

Who we work for?

We have an active customer base of over 100 sites.  While many of these are direct clients, a great deal of our work is done under subcontract to USA Agencies and, as such, is done under non-disclosure agreements (NDA).  This means we cannot show that work in our portfolio.  As a result, some of our best work “hidden”.  However you can see a range of clients below.

Why choose us?

Experienced IT Company

We are an experienced IT company. Our founder has over 35 years IT experience building custom software solutions. As a company, we have over 15 years eCommerce experience. Everyone on our team has formal university qualifications in Computer Science with minimum 5 years eCommerce programming experience. Everything is done in-house. We do not out-source.

Exceptional Service

We use a web based project center where you can log tickets 24/7/365.  Response to tickets is within 1-4 hours during business hours.  If disaster strikes, we won’t let you down. We offer an Express Support service so you can jump to the front of the queue at any time!

Magento Server Management

When we manage both your Magento code and your hosting environment we are able to offer a DevOps approach to management of your site.  We can undertake multiple concurrent changes as well as effect hot fixes as needs arise bringing changes to market much faster than other developers.

A few projects

We have too many projects to list. Here are just a sample. If you want more references then please contact us.

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