MagentoCE and EE

We work with both Magento Community Edition (CE) and Magento Enterprise Edition (EE).

What we do?

We develop new sites as well as take over support of existing sites.  We can manage your hosting environment whether it be a dedicated server or cloud. We are expert at troubleshooting WordPress performance issues and are experienced in debugging WooCommerce Extensions.  If you have a problem site, we’re the people to talk to!

Why choose us?

Magento Solutions Specialists

We understand both eCommerce and Magento.  We know what Magento can and cannot do. While we won’t let your site get technology driven, we also make sure we work with not against the inherent workflow when specifying changes in order to maximize your investment in this platform while minimizing the cost to support.

Magento Certified Develops

Our team are experienced Magento Front End and Back End Developers.  We don’t “hack” or “tweak”, we code.  Simple as that.

Magento Server Management

When we manage both your Magento code and your hosting environment we are able to offer a DevOps approach to management of your site.  We can undertake multiple concurrent changes as well as effect hot fixes as needs arise bringing changes to market much faster than other developers.

Recent Client

What we did

We took over support of this Magento EE website on behalf of their new digital marketing Agency. Together, we have improved the User Experience across device.  We also stabilized their AWS environment allowing for increased concurrent web traffic to support growing email campaigns. Overall result lower cost of ownership and improved performance.

We also upgraded their custom Shop By Color feature so it was 100% automated.

We have also supported third party interfaces such as:

  • A2000 ERP, trouble shooting numerous cron issues
  • Store Locator, upgraded to allow for bulk import
  • Cosmic Cart, worked on the first Magento EE implementation of their universal shopping cart.

As part of this engagement, we have also undertaken platform upgrades for php and MySQL and applied outstanding security patches.

What they say about us!

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Latest news about Magento

General eCommerce trends and Magento EE/CE annoucements AIM and SIM End of Life AIM and SIM modules have reached end of life. You can keep using them for as long as they actually work or upgrade to a newer version when one if published for your specific eCommerce solution. ozEworks will not be accepting Express Support tickets for any Authorize,net AIM or SIM related issues.

International Checkout Out of Business

For anyone using International Checkout (or thinking to) they have gone out of business. You will just get a 404 page not found when you try and use it.

Selling Cross Border

One obvious way to increase revenue is to sell “cross-border” meaning to other countries; however doing so is not without its challenges. So what are the two main issues you should consider when opening your doors to international sales?

PayPal No Longer Refunding Fees

You might be aware that earlier this year, PayPal indicated they were updating their policy regarding refunded transactions.  They have now confirmed that as of October 11, 2019, when a transaction is refunded all fees associated them will not be. Ouch!