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[16 Jul 2015 | Comments Off | 444 views]

Authorize.net has emailed users about a pending architecture change that will impact the URLs used for its API. If you use an API then you need to check the API and change the URLs accordingly …

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[24 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | 856 views]

The issue with Magento security not to mention WordPress have raised the question of whether osCommerce is secure. Don’t worry. It remains one of the most secure open source eCommerce solutions in the market.

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[22 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | 2,008 views]

If you are looking for a quick and easy mobile solution for your osCommerce 2.3 site then we may have the answer. We have both a responsive and mobile themes we can adapt to your design and functionality.

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[20 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | 603 views]

WordPress Yoast Plugin users need to patch their SEO and Google Analytics plugins to deal with a critical security issue. Chances are other WP Plugins are also effected. So read more.

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[20 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | 658 views]

Magento has announced a security issue with the Magento Community Edition. If you have not yet patched your site you need to do so immediately.

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[17 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | 740 views]

Google is going to change the way URLs are presented in search results with a focus on mobile friendliness, so you need to implemented the schema.org structured data tags now!

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[6 Mar 2015 | Comments Off | 650 views]

Google announced that Mobile friendliness will become an SEO factor as of 21 April 2015 sending emails via Webmaster tools to any site that was not. Is your site Mobile Friendly? If not what are your options?

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[4 Feb 2015 | Comments Off | 1,073 views]

FedEx and UPS introduced dimensional shipping for ground services beginning 2015. Now Google Merchant Center is following through with feed requirements to support those calculations. But how can they calculate the shipment without knowing the actual shipping box size?

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[25 Nov 2014 | Comments Off | 2,134 views]

Both FedEx and UPS are moving to dimensional shipping in 2015. For osCommerce, the UPS XML module has dimensional shipping capability but FedEx Webservices module does not. We’re guessing 2015 is going to start with confusion when site owners start making losses on shipments.

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[25 Sep 2014 | Comments Off | 1,512 views]

Relax! #bashbug does not effect ozEworks servers since we lease from HostDime whose servers are all secure.

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[10 Sep 2014 | Comments Off | 1,587 views]

WordPress Plugin Slider Revolution has a vulnerability allows attackers to access the servers of all sites. if you have version 4.1 or earlier upgrade now!

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[10 Sep 2014 | Comments Off | 2,153 views]

Looks like, yet again, there were undocumented changed made when USPS realized their 8 September price change effecting signature confirmation and first class international. So check your site. You may need a patch.

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