WOT the?

MyWOT.com is supposedly a combination of user review and some mysterious trusted source reputation (sites like delicious.com seems to be one?)
They report that reputation directly via their site or via a browser Add On for IE and FireFox.
According to their site

Your site’s reputation rating is based on a combination of ratings from the WOT community and trusted sources. If you are unhappy with the rating or comments, here is a list of things you can do:

  1. Write your own comment on the scorecard. Explain that you are the owner and why your service is good. Please remember to clearly state that you are the owner or employee of the company.
  2. Contact the user(s) who left comments through their board(s) on the profile page and ask them to review or explain their comment and rating. Try to find out if there are some issues to be solved.
  3. Open a forum thread and ask our active members for advice on how to improve the site and rate it again.
  4. Ask you friends and customers to rate your site.
  5. Most importantly, rate the site yourself.

Our tests show that what they report in the browser can be significantly different that “wot” is reported directly on their site.  In all cases, it was worse in the browser than the site query which is a huge issue.
Given this is a browser Add On that has little stop light type icons, bad rankings can cause you damage. So check your ranking and if it is bad then do item 4 with a vengence.  There is no validation of accounts (not even email addresses used) so you can DIY.  Wot? Exactly!