WordPress Security

All WooCommerce sites are vulnerable to security issues in regard to WordPress itself.  To protect against this, there are several security plugins you can use to try and lock down access to the site code.
Apart from standard server level security, your best line of defense if you cannot stop the hack to at lease know it has occurred. Hence any plugin that warns you a file has been changed is a good idea.
But prevention is better than cure, most of the time …
One plugin we have used is the All in One Security plugin.  It, like most, are not without their issues.  If you get all gung-ho you could impact how your entire site operates.  That is particularly true of any setting that might update your .htaccess file. The last thing you want is to cause the dreaded 500 Internal Server error!  But if you do then you know it was your setting changes.
So make sure you backup your database and your .htaccess when configuring these plugins so you can easily restore settings.  Also, it’s a good idea to do these changes out of hours, just in case the site does go down!