USPS 8 September Change Not Only Prices

Looks like, yet again, there were undocumented changed made when USPS released their 8 September 2014 price change.

USPS Tracking and Signature Confirmation Special Service Updates

o    Updated USPS Tracking Electronic <ServiceName> related to <ServiceID>=”13”:

  • <ServiceName>=”USPS Tracking&lt;sup&gt;&#8482;&lt;/sup&gt; Electronic”

o    Updated Signature Confirmation Electronic <ServiceName> related to <ServiceID>=”15”

  • <ServiceName>=”Signature Confirmation&lt;sup&gt;&#8482;&lt;/sup&gt; Electronic”

o    New <ServiceID>=”12”

  • <ServiceName>=” USPS Tracking&lt;sup&gt;&#8482;&lt;/sup&gt;”

o    New <ServiceID>=”14”

  • <ServiceName>=” Signature Confirmation&lt;sup&gt;&#8482;&lt;/sup&gt;”

First Class Mail International Letter

Might not be offered due to undocumented changes?
Read their release notes.