PayPal New User Agreement

PayPal has updated its User Agreement Policy and in doing so has slid in a “non-discouragement clause”.
It states:

In representations to your customers or in public communications, you agree not to mischaracterize PayPal as a payment method. At all of your points of sale (in whatever form), you agree not to try to dissuade or inhibit your customers from using PayPal; and, if you enable your customers to pay you with PayPal, you agree to treat PayPal’s payment mark at least at par with other payment methods offered.

You have to wonder at the “all your points of sale”.  Those bricks and mortar stores that have cash registers and accept cash or their own store credit, e.g. Starbucks, but also accept PayPal will now have to make sure they do what?  Put a PayPal logo on the counter?
And what does it mean online?  Most sites control the sort order of payment options putting their preferred option first.  How can this be considered “at least on a par” if you are presenting a list in column format?  Regardless you need to make sure if you use logos/branding of other methods you include the logo/branding for PayPal.
Does this have anything to do with Amazon being about to focus on growing Amazon Payments?

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