Is your osCommerce site outstanding?

Seth Godin talks of Fitting in vs. standing out.  As a kid, if you move to a new school, survival usually means fitting in.  On the Internet, survival means standing out.  And, as he says “Standing out is trickier”. Why?  Because you cannot control who your neighbors are.  So how can you stand out from them?  Simple.  Before you do anything online, develop an SEO Strategy.  Before you even register a domain name.  Before you even bother to think about functionality.  Before you even dare think of design.  Before you even install osCommerce. Think “how is anyone going to find me?”.  Think “how will I stand out in the search engine results?”. Once you know that, then worry about the rest.  Because it’s all  driven by your SEO Strategy.  If you don’t have one, get one.

  • Sure you can use your business name. And it’s a good idea if your business already exists before your website. We use our business name.
    But from an SEO perspective, it is much better to use a domain name that relates to what your business does. For example to use a real life example, if you sell Sequin Flowers, a great domain name is Because when people look for sequin flowers, you are should come up on page #1 google. It is not a given you will be #1 but it means the work to get to number #1 is a whole lot less. In this case, the site does come up number #1.
    So if your company name is Sequin Accessories and Trim, Inc., you could have a domain called that and just park it in covering both your bases.

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