Mastercard and Discover changing their rules on debit cards

MasterCard and Discover are modifying their rules concerning the processing of debit, prepaid and gift cards. At this time, the requirements are mandated for U.S. merchants only. 
MasterCard’s rule changes go into effect May 1, 2010, and Discover’s rule changes go into effect April 16, 2010. 

Authorize.Net has worked with MasterCard and Discover have worked together to extend these dates for all merchants using Authorize.Net solutions. Their merchants will  have until June 30, 2011, to implement support for the requirements within their systems. 
The steps that you will need to take to support the requirements depend on how you connect to the payment gateway. For example, if you connect using a shopping cart, point-of-sale device, or other solution, you will need to contact your solution provider to confirm that they will be supporting the requirements. 
If you connect using a direct integration, you should contact your Web developer for assistance. has more information here

  • The AIM module is a certified module managed by the osCommerce Team (Harold) so we can presume it will get upgraded by the June 2011 deadline.
    As to other popular payment gateways used by US merchants such as Cybersource it is not yet known.

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