Magento Commerce Acquires RJMetrics

Magento Commerce Acquires RJMetrics, Magento, August 1 2016, the e-commerce platform provider, has announced that it has acquired RJMetrics, the cloud-based ecommerce analytics platform.
Key capabilities Magento Analytics will enable for B2B and B2C merchants include:

  • Advanced Customer Insights:¬†Customer lifetime value, repurchase rates, inactive customers, churn, cohort analysis, and other deep analytics to truly understand customers.
  • Marketing Campaign ROI: Insights into campaign performance to continuously tune and optimize campaigns and allocate marketing spend.
  • Improved Segmentation and Personalization: Customer insights allow for more targeted promotions and merchandising, allowing Magento merchants to sell more.
  • Better Merchandising and Shopping Experience:¬†Insights into item, page, placement, promotion, and channel performance will enable merchants to continuously optimize digital shopping experience and performance to increase sales and gross margin.
  • Multi-Brand, Cross-Border Analytics: Simple but powerful insights will allow smaller merchants to compete against bigger competitors.
  • Intelligent Sourcing and Inventory Optimization: Integration to the Magento Commerce Order Management solution will improve sales and margins due to improved cross-channel fulfillment and inventory balancing resulting in fewer in-store stockouts & costly markdowns.