Is your osCommerce site customer optimized too?

Before you rush to draw new customers through greater SEO efforts, how about looking at the potential customer who is about to walk out the door?  If it was a real store you’d be out there saying “Can we help you?”. 
Just because you are an online business does not mean you can’t or shouldn’t.  While pop ups inviting people to chat can annoy customers, saying nothing at all can be worse.
So before you decide you need to do even more SEO how about improving your customer service tools?  Apart from a prominent, ideally free, phone number and detailed contact us page, what about tools like Online Chat, Remote Cart Management, Simple Q&A Forums?  
If we told you they can increase sales by 10% or more would you do it?

  • What is Remote Cart Management? Are you talking about the Recover Lost Carts Add On?

  • Nardia, it is being able to manage the customer cart for them.
    In osCommerce terms, it is being able to see a customer cart from Admin, contact them to ask if they need assistence, be able to log in as them and checkout for them if needs be.
    So Recover Lost Carts is a partial solution in this area. As in the Master Password. Both are fairly clumsy but better than nothing.
    The whole area of shopping cart abandonment, trying to increase sales thru getting customers to complete the process or learning from them why they do not, is an untapped source of site revenue that is really now only getting focus.
    We have some cool tools in this area so contact us if you want to know more.

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