IE10 and WYSIWYG Add Ons

Microsoft has started pushing upgrades of Internet Explorer to version 10.   Many people are waking up to find their PCs have magically upgraded overnight to this latest version.
More than any other upgrade, IE10 is causing issues on all kinds of websites site due to changes in how it renders pages so the issue is not restricted to osCommerce.
Sites are seeing display issues caused by different interpretation of site stylesheets.  In the osCommerce Admin, the main impact has been to WYSIWYG editors, versions of which have stopped working.
If you find the editor is displaying oddly or you cannot type into the box then you need to upgrade.
If you are still using FCKEditor then you need to upgrade to CKEditor. Don’t think you can just use another browser. FCKEditor has security vulnerabilities.  You highly recommend changing to CKEditor.
Regardless it is always good practice to upgrade third party tools and libraries when new version are available.
If you don’t know what third party tools you site might be using having installed an Add On then contact us and we can do a code audit.  As part of our code audits we will lock down your site code protecting it from hackers.  So up that it is a good thing to do.