Got a mobile site yet?

According to IBM, there was a 20% increase in online sales over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Mobile shopping accounted for 17 percent of that traffic.  This was an increase of 55 percent compared to 2012.  We’ve yet to see the Christmas numbers but the trend is likely to continue.
You might wonder if this is tablet or smartphones that are driving the sales.  Well. apparently smartphones are used for browsing while tablets account for more actual sales. Behind that is the higher usage of iOS devices compared to Android.
So what should you do?  Make sure your site works on an iPad,  Then check it on Android tablets.   Adapt your main site to work on these devices.
Once you’ve done that plan for a site dedicated to smartphones where the customer experience matches the customer intent.   And ask yourself, are they primarily browsing or buying?  Because the answer dictates the design from the information architecture to the workflow.