Do you know why your osCommerce carts get abandoned?

The PayPal Checkout Abandonment Study was conducted by ComScore in May 2009. 
553 US shoppers, who had recently abandoned a shopping cart, were asked about their most recent abandoned session, regardless of the site involved.
At least a fifth of respondents cited the following as very important reasons for cart abandonment:

  • High shipping charges: 46 percent
  • Wanted to comparison shop: 37 percent
  • Lack of money: 36 percent
  • Wanted to look for a coupon: 27 percent
  • Wanted to shop offline: 26 percent
  • Couldn’t find preferred pay option: 24 percent
  • Item was unavailable at checkout: 23 percent
  • Couldn’t find customer support: 22 percent
  • Concerned about security of credit card data: 21 percent.

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