Browser Compatibility … the numbers are changing

Remember when Internet Explorer was the # 1 browser and a site width more than 800 * 600 was the norm?  Well not any more.
As of August 2010, Firefox now holds 45.8 percent of the browser market, followed closely by Internet Explorer with 30.7 percent, Chrome with 17 percent, Safari with 3.5 percent, and Opera with 2.3 percent. If you aren’t testing the design and functionality of your site across multiple browsers, you’re losing business.
The same rule applies for screen resolution. While 76 percent of users are now browsing the web on a machine that has a resolution higher than 1024×768, you need to pay close attention to the content that user might not be seeing if they’re browsing at a lower resolution.
Site redesign.  If you are not doing it at least every 3 years you are out of touch.  Contact us for a quote.